A Towey Family Tree 

Dick, Janet, Bill

A Towey Family Tree for Mark Towey, b1709 in Ballaghaderreen, Ireland was researched and compiled by Richard E. Towey (1928 to 2017), Towey Clan Genealogist 2001 to 2012 and his sister Janet Towey Mann (1932 – 2011), Clan Secretary 2004 to 2010.  They were true genealogists, years before the Internet.

  • They copied hard copy documents of church and civil records onsite from 1980 to 2010 during many visits to Ballaghaderreen, Dublin, Salt Lake City and to Great Britain as well as St Paul, MN and numerous other towns in Ireland and the United States.
  • Using these documents (obtained before the Internet) they compiled a family tree within the Mark Towey b1709 Family Tree.ged  genealogical database for 1,706 Toweys, including those with variant spellings and their descendants.
  • Unfortunately the website host does not permit Dick’s & Janet’s digital database to be posted at www.toweyclan.com.


Therefore, you may wish to view Towey data produced from their Mark Towey b1709 Family Tree.ged digital database.  Here are links for a few Towey Family lists and charts:


Also available via email request is the Mark Towey b1707 Family Tree in .GED  and .PDF-book formats. The sheer digital volume has not been accepted for publication by our website host.

  • A Towey Mark b1709 Descendants Book.pdf  which contains all Dick’s and Janet’s collection in book format, as in their .GED database.  It’s volume (844 pages) is not acceptable by our website host.
  • Dick’s and Janet’s Mark Towey b1709 Family Tree.ged digital database, usable with genealogy software such as Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, Family Tree Builder, Legacy Family Tree and many others.


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