Historical References  About Ireland and Ballaghaderreen Area

Shamrock 4 Annals of the Four Masters
The Annals are a chronicle of Irish history from A.M. 2242 to A.D. 1616 and contain records, both ecclesiastical and lay, along with accounts of battles, plagues, etc. The compilation during 1632 and 1636 was largely derived from older manuscripts, many of which have not survived.
An English translation, in seven volumes, may be downloaded at
www.askaboutireland.ie/reading-room/. These are large PDF files. Interspercing of English, Gaelic and footnotes makes for difficult reading

Shamrock 4 Ireland Chronological History
This is a dated synopsis of Ireland’s historical events and may be viewed at Ireland Chronological Digest. This document serves as a handy reference for persons wishing to quickly grasp a knowledge of Ireland history and the events impacting our Irish heritage. More information about each specific event is obtainable upon performing Internet searches.

Shamrock 4 Ballaghaderreen Area Townlands and Population1841 and 1851 townlands, population, number of houses and area acres may be viewed at Population Ballaghaderreen Area.

Shamrock 4 In Their Own Words The Famine in North Connacht 1845-1849
By Liam Swords
First Published 1999 by The Columba Press ISBN 1856072479
Some commentary, but primarily transcripts of reports and correspondence by local officials and residents of Achonry Diocese and vicinity descriptive of the famine.

Shamrock 4 A Hidden Church: The Diocese of Achonry 1689-1818
Liam Swords,  Blackrock, Co. Dublin: Columba Press, 1997.
This describes the early history of Achonry Diocese, whose see is located in Ballaghaderreen.

Shamrock 4 Historical Atlas of the Celtic World
By Dr. Ian Barnes (2009)
Articles with 134 maps of Celtic history predominantly in Ireland, but also Britain,Scotland and Europe, inclusive of Irish emigration to U.S., Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand ISBN 13 978-0-7858-2749-8

Shamrock 4 Under the Shadow of the Summer Hills
By Maire McDonnell-Garvey
Designed & produced by DTP Training Unit in Central Remedial Clinic ISBN 0954532414

Shamrock 4 History of the County of Mayo to the close of the Sixteenth Century
By Hubert Thomas Knox Hoggis, Figgis & Co Dublin (1908) ISBN 1437331505

Shamrock 4 The History figure
By John Finn
Roscommon Herald Boyle (1981) No ISBN

Shamrock 4 An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800
By Mary Frances Cusack
Tiger Books Int, Twickenham Middlesex (1995) ISBN 1 858913780

Shamrock 4 Cloontia (Co Mayo) Its People and its Past
By Tom Finn 1999
28 Pages not published as a book. See our web page local-chronicals for highlights then down to Cloontia

Shamrock 4 Gathering the Memories, The Story of Brusna
Published by Brusna Book Committee, 2010, Brusna, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon
Personal articles and photos from local residents, including Toweys plus Brusna School class registers

Shamrock 4 Derrinacartha N.S.Centenary 1885-1985
By Jackie Henry and Mary T. Geever 1985

Shamrock 4 The Surnames of Ireland
Irish Academic Press ISBN 0716523663

Shamrock 4 A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
Samuel Lewis London, S. Lewis, 1837
Includes descriptions of parishes and towns in Co. Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, etc.

Shamrock 4 Mid-Connacht – The Ancient Territory of Sliabh Lugha
Maire McDonnell-Garvey, Drumlin Publications, Nure, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim, Ireland, 1995. (Paperback) ISBN 1873437129
An interesting local history, with some useful appendices about Toweys who were Dillon & Costello tenants.

Shamrock 4 Letters Containing Information Relative to Antiquities of the County Mayo
“Ordnance Survey Letters”
Collected During the Progress of the Ordnance Survey in 1838
Vols I, II, Reproduced Under the Direction of Rev. Michael O’Flanagan (Typescript), Bray, 1927.
Available at National Library of Ireland & British Library, Has brief discussion of each parish and townland name, description of types of soils, principal crops, sometimes names of residents, sometimes anecdotes.

Shamrock 4 James Dillon, A Biography
Authored by Maurice Manning, published 2000 bu Wolfhound Press Ltd, Dublin, Ireland, ISBN 0-86327-823-X.
This book deals with James Dillon whose ancestors founded the large building at The Square, Ballaghaderreen to become known as Monica Duff & Co., Ltd.  James Dillon became a foremost politician and a member of the Ireland Dáil.

Shamrock 4To Hell or Barbados the Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland
written by Sean O’Callaghan
Published 2001 by Brandon. ISBN 9780863222870

Shamrock 4Ireland before the Famine 1798-1848
by Gearoid O’Tuathaigh. Published 1972 by Gill and Macmillan, ISBN 7171 0566 0. Gearoid is a History Professor at University of Galway.

Shamrock 4An Atlas of Irish History
ritten by Ruth Dudley Edwards a well-known historian.
Published 1981 Methuen & Co.ISBN 9780416740509.

Shamrock 4A Chronology of Irish History since 1500
by J.E. Doherty a teacher and D.J. Hickey a cartographer.Publisher 1989 Gill and Macmillan. ISBN 9780717117055

Shamrock 4Farewell to Mayo
An Emigrants Memoirs of Ireland and Scotland by Sean O’Ciarain
Published 1991 by Brookside. ISBN 1873748000.

Shamrock 4 Above history list is from Mike Towey, Dublin, Ireland, who may be reached at toweymike@hotmail.com for more information