Family Genealogies
Your genealogy data about your Towey heritage, including subname variants, could be added to this Family Genealogies web page. It could be genealogy lists or stories of your family ancestors or even papers about their family life.  Contact with your proposal.

  • Griffiths Valuation Survey of 1856 together with Ireland census records, particularly the 1901 census, lists 71% of Towey families in Ireland as living in townlands within a 15 km (10 mile) radius of Ballaghaderreen.  
  • The townlands may be noted on the  Ireland 1901 Census and Coach Tour Map.  

Clan Genealogists

Dick, Janet, Bill

Richard E. Towey, Clan Genealogist 2001 to 2012, and his sister Janet Towey Mann, Clan Secretary 2004 to 2010, gathered tons of Towey genealogy data in Ballaghaderreen, Dublin, Salt Lake City, Minnesota cities and many other locales from mid-1970s to 2010.

  • After copying hard copies of church and civil records for all Toweys and variants, they prepared a Family Tree Maker database and separately produced many worksheets, giving us a catalog of Towey ancestors, spelling variants and distant paternal and maternal cousins.
  • The extent of their genealogical data may be noted by clicking Mark Towey (b.1709) Descendants
  • Another family member, William J. Towey, web designer 2009 to 2017, compiled historical data that adds flavor about our Irish heritage.  A Towey Heritage USB, with their genealogy data and Ireland historical data, is available upon request to

A Towey Family That Emigrated to Minnesota

Patrick Towey (b. about 1812 to 1819) and Mary Towey (b. 1814) were married November 23, 1837 in St Nathy’s Cathedral, Ballaghaderreen.  They and their seven children emigrated, as a family, in 1861 to various cities in the U.S. and settled in 1866 in Winona, Minnesota.  Their story is at Patrick and Mary Towey to USA.

Minnesota Towey Descendant to Canada

During the 1800s thousands of Towey families emigrated from Ballaghaderreen townlands to the United States. Upon arrival in New York (or elsewhere) hundreds of Towey farmers and skilled members relocated to Rochester, Minnesota and local townships.  Families multiplied and marriages bloomed.
James and Mary Towey of Ballaghaderren married in Croton Falls, NY and moved to Wisconsin before settling and farming in Pleasant Grove, MN.  The family was well known and well established in Pleasant Grove, MN.

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One of their seven children, Anna Towey (1861-1940) (lower right) married William Bernard McDermott (1853-1929) (far left) who also farmed in Pleasant Grove, MN. Of their living  children, Mary “Catherine” McDermott (upper right) married John H Wilson who later moved his family to Saskatchewan, Canada. Mary “Catherine” Wilson (1886 – 1980) was tape interviewed in 1974 at 86 years of age by her son John McDermott Wilson, CSB.  She described the life in Pleasant Grove and Canada during the 1890s and early 1900s.  The interview may be read at Minnesota Towey Descendant to Canada.