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Your Towey DNA Analysis
Has your DNA been analyzed??  It would be nice to post it here for Towey viewers to check DNA similarities, particularly if both parents are of Irish descent.  Could you send your DNA analysis by email to Bill Towey, our DNA Coordinator, whether or not you are of Irish genealogical heritage.

Bill Towey DNA

One Towey DNA Analysis
Click the photo titled Bill Towey, DNA for his DNA analysis. Bill was webmaster 2010 to 2017.
Although Bill Towey’s father is of known Irish heritage, please note his mother is of German heritage.  His document displays DNA analysis by three genealogical DNA companies.

This analysis could also apply to his brother Richard E. Towey, Clan Genealogist 2001 to 2012 and his sister Janet Towey Mann, Clan Secretary 2004 to 2010.

  • Dick and Janet physically researched ancestor birth records in Ballaghaderreen and in Germany.
  • Dick’s and Janet’s genealogy research of their ancestor’s birth records identified we are Irish 56% and German 44% (our great grandmother of Irish descent was born in Great Britain and married in Germany).

If you care to look a deeper, a “male yDNA Paternal Haplogroup” for Bill Towey depicts geographic migration of his paternal ancestors in DNA terms of Halogroups and Markers

Common Ancestor
Our understanding is that male Toweys, along with about 20 percent of all other Irish males, are genetically related to a common ancestor, i.e., Niall of the Nine Hostages, an ancient Irish leader at Tara about 379 to 405 AD.

Why DNA Analysis

  • Encoded in our DNA is the geographic region our ancestors, even ancient ancestors, called home.
  • DNA analysis helps determine which geographic regions our ancestors originated and migrated through.
  • Using a persons saliva sample, his/her DNA sequences are compared and matched with DNA samples already in the company database that have been specifically identified to exact geographic regions.
  • It breakdowns our ethnic makeup by percentage and our ancestral lines by geographic region.
  • The accuracy of an individual’s saliva is only as precise as the size of the company’s DNA database.  Greater accuracy is expected as each company’s DNA sub-group database is expanded.


Do you know the three types of DNA tests??
DNA analysis is offered by several genealogical companies as advertised on TV.  Though not mentioned in ads, they perform an autosomal DNA test and analysis.  And may even offer yDNA and mtDNA analysis.

  1. Autosomal DNA testing is the most recent and most popular. Autosomal (atDNA) utilizes DNA from 22 pairs of autosomal (body chromosomes) inherited from both parents  —  the father (yDNA) and the mother (mtDNA), plus our four grandparents, our eight great-grandparents, etc., etc., etc.  This test does not distinguish between paternal and maternal, ancestors or ethnicities.
  2. yDNA testingOnly males have a Y chromosome, inherited father to son, and so yDNA can only be tested by males to explore their direct paternal ancestor line – the father, grandfathers, great grandfathers, etc.
  3. mtDNA testing: mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) is inherited only through female parent ancestors.  Only egg cells, and not sperm cells, keep their mitochondria.  This enables genealogy researchers to trace maternal lineage far back in time – the mother, the grandmothers, great grandmothers, etc.

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG): ISOGG is dedicated to promoting the use of genetics for genealogy. To learn more, visit the ISOGG website at

What are the companies offering DNA testing