Ireland – Our Towey Homeland

Shamrock FlagIreland is a small island with a population of around 4 million people. A country pushed into the 21st century by a decade of economic boom and a young highly educated population. A country rich in culture with a violent history of conflict against a cruel invader.

Shamrock FlagIrish retained a special warmth of personality and generous hospitality In spite of centuries of war, famine and emigration. We have a great awareness of our ancient and rich cultural heritage which we make tremendous efforts to preserve.  The Irish language is the oldest written language in Europe after Latin and Greek. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union since 2007.

Shamrock FlagHospitality is  a recognized characteristic of the Irish people, for which they were noted down through the ages. A guest came when he liked, stayed and left when he wished. In ancient times at various points on the great roads of Ireland there were houses for public hospitality called Bruidheans. It was always at a junction of the roads and had a door facing every road. A light burned there all night and it was stocked with all kinds of provisions. The Bruidhean must always be stocked with three boiled fleshes ready for serving, three red fleshes hanging in the kitchen and three living fleshes fattened and ready for immediate killing. The fleshes were those of a an ox, a castrated ram and a hog. It was so important under law that it had same protection as the king of the territory.

Shamrock FlagClan gatherings are essentially family heritage entertainment. They incorporate all the elements of family heritage including genealogy, family history, Irish culture, pageantry and heraldry, family and Irish heritage education and interaction with local communities and organisations. They present wonderful opportunities to exchange genealogical information and discuss family origins and history. An opportunity to experience a mixture of emotions as you wander the same boreens and visit the same homelands of your relations of generations long past. Clan gatherings are an occasion to re-discover blood relations, meet cousins long forgotten, share life experiences and renew family ties.

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Ireland Counties