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Irish Hospitality
     In spite of centuries of war, famine and emigration the Irish people always retained a special warmth of personality and generous hospitality. Irish have a great awareness of our ancient and rich cultural heritage which we make tremendous efforts to preserve.  The Irish Gaelic language is the oldest written language in Europe after Latin and Greek. It is one of the official languages of the European Union since 2007.
     Clan gatherings are essentially family heritage entertainment. They incorporate all the elements of family heritage including genealogy, family history, Irish culture, pageantry and heraldry, family and Irish heritage education and interaction with local communities and organisations. They present wonderful opportunities to exchange genealogical information and discuss family origins and history. An opportunity to experience a mixture of emotions as you wander the same boreens and visit the same homelands of our relations of generations long past. An occasion to re-discover blood relations, meet cousins long forgotten or unknown, share life experiences and renew family ties.

Towey Clan Gatherings

Upcoming 2017 Gathering in Ballaghaderreen, 25, 26. 27 August 2017
The next Towey Gathering is scheduled for 25, 26, 27 August 2017 in our old homeland in Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, Ireland.  We have great hope that persons with the Towey surname worldwide, including our surname variations and our descendants will attend this Gathering.  Also see our 2017 Gathering in Ballaghaderreen.

Prior Towey Gatherings

Copy of Clan Officers 2001

Executive Committee 2001

2001 Clan Gathering, Lucan, Dublin, Ireland
The inaugural Towey Clan Gathering was held The Foxhunter, Lucan,Co. Dublin, Ireland on 14-15 April, 2001. Towey Clan Officers elected thereat were:

  • Chieftain………..Mike Towey, Dublin
  • Vice Chieftain…Mary Towey Ratto
  • Chairperson……Pat Toohey, Stratford, CT
  • Vice Chairperson…Tony Towey, Chicago
  • Secretary………..Kevin Towey, Dublin
  • Treasurer……….Jason Towey, California
  • Historian/Genealogist/Webmaster…Dick Towey, Oregon/Helen Towey, California, Mike Towey, South Dakota

For information about formal organization of the Towey Clan in 2001, see Towey Clan Organization.

2004 Clan Gathering in Ballaghaderreen
The 2004 Gathering was held in Durkin’s, Ballaghaderreen Co. Roscommon, Ireland over the weekend 14 – 15 August, 2004. Photos are at the 2004 Clan Gathering Report.
Executive Committee Towey Clan Officers elected at the 2004 Gathering were:

Chairperson………..Dan Towey, Minnesota
Vice Chairperson…Anthony Towey, Chicago
Secretary….……….Janet Towey Mann, Connecticut
Treasurer….……….Helen Towey, California
Webmaster..……….Dick Towey, Oregon and son John Towey, Portland
Genealogist………..Dick Towey, Oregon & Mary Towey Ratto, USA
Historian……………Dick Towey, Oregon & Michael Towey, South Dakota

2007 Gathering, in Ballaghaderreen
The third Clan Gathering was held in Durkin’s, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, Ireland over the weekend 11 to 12 August. Further information is at 2007 Clan Gathering Report

2010 Gathering, Ballaghaderreen
The fourth Clan Gathering was also held in Durkin’s, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, Ireland over the weekend 14 to 16 May. For further information, see Clan 2010 Gathering Report.

2012 Gathering, Rochester, MN
The fifth Clan Gathering was held in The Kahler Grand Hotel, Rochester, MN over the weekend  10 to 12 August, an area with an extended number of Towey family members. More information is at Clan 2012 Rochester Report

2014 Gathering, Ballaghaderreen The most preceding Towey Gathering was held in Ballaghaderreen, Ireland over the weekend of 23, 24, 25 August, 2014. We returned to our ancestors’ beloved homeland in Ballaghaderreen, Co Roscommon, Ireland. Festivities are described at 2014 Gathering Report.

Slan go foill